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Cafe shops, Coffee Facts

Is Nespresso capsule coffee high quality?

Truly, however. You have the ecological impression to consider. Nespresso consistency is high. Nespresso taste is consistently fantastic. The expense per espresso is high. I get phenomenal outcomes with a Bialetti Moka expresso creator and a scratch and dent section electric espresso processor. No crema, yet a profound rich taste. Great beans from my neighborhood […]

Cafe shops, Coffee Facts

Difference between black coffee and an Americano

Dark coffee Americanos look fundamentally the same as and have comparative measures of caffeine, yet are made in altogether different ways. Dark coffee by and large made by utilizing the pour-over technique which requires heated water to trickle through fine grounds at a moderately moderate pace, until the point that you get some espresso (generally […]

Coffee Facts

Coffee facts for you !

Oh Coffee ! For the individuals who cherish it, it’s not something effectively surrendered. Maybe in light of the fact that this drink is so well known, realities, legends, and random data encompass it. Some are valid, some aren’t, and some are simply fun actualities. So we should investigate a portion of the realities, fantasies, […]

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year The bad thing about new year is that all your problems, worries, issues, fake friends, your ugly face, your unshaped body, empty wallet will be same as it is. The good thing about new year is that your coffee will be same hot, black and strong like you.

Coffee Facts

Some of the most mind-blowing facts about coffee

Coffee doesn’t stimulate you throughout the day as your body naturally produces a hormone called cortisol that keeps you alert and awake. That is released according to your circadian rhythm, which in turn is dictated by the time of the day. So drinking coffee as soon you wake up is not really going to help […]

Coffee Facts

Thanks to Baba Budan for coffee and coffee beans

First coffee beans were not officially brought/gifted to India but were smuggled. In 17th century, Arabs were very protective of their coffee industry. In those days, they exported roasted or baked coffee beans to other parts of the world so that none could grow them. Once, Indian Sufi Baba Budan went to Mecca on Haj […]

Coffee Facts

Did you know about these coffee things ?

Quick facts about coffee that may come in handy one day, you never know: In Turkey, the bridegroom as once required to make a vow during the wedding to always make sure to provide their wives with coffee. If they did not do so it was considered grounds for divorce. Contrary to popular belief, espresso […]

Coffee Facts

Fun fact about coffee

Coffee Houses and Shops You may think that coffee houses and coffee shops are a modern invention, but actually, King Charles II of England proclaimed a ban on coffee houses way back in 1675! The reason for the ban? King Charles II feared that his enemies were meeting in these coffee houses to plot against […]

Coffee Facts

Some of the interesting facts about coffee

All the coffee in the world is grown in the region called “The Coffee Belt”. This is the reason which have all the required conditions for the coffee to grow. The most expensive coffee in the world is collected from animal dung. One such coffee is called “Civet Coffee” which is produced when Asian Palm […]