Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

green coffee beans

Green coffee extract, said to be a natural source of energy, comes from the green seed of the bright red coffee berries. In making the coffee bean extract, the seed are soaked and concentrated afterwards. As opposed to roasted coffee beans, the green coffee bean extract contains chlorogenic acid. This substance is supposed to work by preventing fat deposition in the body, helping with weight management, curbing of carbohydrate absorption and regulating blood sugar levels.

Just like any other food supplements, some precautions must be taken when taking green coffee bean extract. As it contains caffeine, some negative effects may include nervousness, insomnia, anxiety, and irregular heartbeat. There is also the risk of the compounds found green coffee bean reacting with certain medications. As such, those reactions may pose certain danger to the body.

Scientific studies on Green Coffee Bean Extract

Very few studies have been made regarding the capability of green coffee bean in aiding weight loss. One study shows that women who took green coffee bean extract are able to lose two pounds of weight after two weeks compared to those who took the placebo. Another showed that people who are given 1050-mg and 700-mg doses of the extract lost weight in just a matter of six weeks but this is met by criticism as the experiment involved a very small number of participants.


Green coffee bean benefits contain more antioxidants: 

Green coffee beans rich in minerals, high levels of polyphenols. Antioxidants help neutralize free radicals to prevent damage to the cells and DNA in the strongest heart disease, cancer and the aging process.

Helps Weight loss:

Green coffee beans help you lose body fat and slim. With low calorie and prevent the development of fat. Green coffee is a great product for weight loss. Use green coffee beans in the morning has a beneficial effect on the metabolism and burn calories. Besides, you can use Green Coffee Bean Max or some weight loss supplements to boost to lose weight faster.

Green Coffee Beans for cardiovascular

As a food rich in antioxidants, green coffee beans works to purify the blood and prevent high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. Besides Phenolic substances present in green coffee beans help prevent fiber breakage arteries, prevent cerebral vascular accident.

For diabetes

Use green coffee beans daily will increase the amount of SHBG protein in the blood, the body will help protect the user against the development of type 2 diabetes.

Green coffee beans help prevent cancer

According to the latest research from the University of Scranton Medicine (USA), coffee topped the list of best antioxidant formula, a “weapon” to help people fight cancer effectively.

Green coffee beans reduce Parkinsonian symptoms

Parkinson’s patients treated with caffeine showed positive signs of improvement in movement speed and reduce symptoms of muscle rigidity.

Green coffee bean prevents cirrhosis

Coffee may counteract the effect of some substances harmful to the liver and help prevent cirrhosis, according to a new study published by the American scientists.


Coffee not only be considered as diuretic drinkwhich also works as “wash” cleaning the stomach and digestive system of man. However, somebody with stomach problems, reactive with coffee don’t drink this.

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