45 things a girl would never say to her boyfriend


Having a relationship is undoubtedly the strongest bond between you and your partner, but at the same time, it is fragile as well. cyberpunk 2077 jacket and Michael Jackson costume has the best collection of apparels that could be gifted to your partner as a surprise gift. Avoid the listed things and maintain a healthy relationship with your boyfriend:

“I don’t have time for this”

Do not say ‘I don’t have time for this’ to your boyfriend. It seems like you don’t want to spend time with him and have other things before him.

“Shut up!”

Saying ‘Shut up!’ To your boyfriend is rude and insulting. You wouldn’t want your boyfriend to think that you don’t want to listen to him.

“I don’t care.”

‘I don’t care’ is the statement that clearly states that you do not care about your relationship with your boyfriend.

“It’s Fine”

Always communicate with your boyfriend, and do not let the conversation go ambiguous. Avoid using this statement.

“This isn’t a big deal.”

Show how important he is for you, and when you say this ‘This isn’t a big deal”, you make him realize that he doesn’t mean much to you.

“Don’t ever leave me; I can’t live without you.”

“Don’t ever leave me; I can’t live without you’ makes your boyfriend believe that you are dependent on him.

“A real man doesn’t ever do this.”

‘A real man doesn’t ever do this’ certainly hits the ego of a man which hurts him and results in a regressive mood.

“This is not my problem.”

Saying ‘This is not my problem’ indicates him that you are not interested in his problems.

“You are so dumb.”

Taunting your boyfriend by saying ‘You are so dumb,’ makes him feel lesser.

“You messed it up the last time.”

By saying ‘You messed it up the last time,’ you make your boyfriend realize that you still remember his blunders.

“I regret being with you.”

‘I regret being with you’ is the meanest sentence you can say to your boyfriend.

“I am just the way I am.”

You have to be co-operative with your partner, so never act stubborn on being who you are.

“You’ve hurt me.”

Always appreciate your partner for the positivity that he spreads rather than focusing on the mistakes.

“Listen to me.”

Don’t be the bigger one by ruling your partner. ‘Listen to me’ clearly shows that you want to be superior.

“I’m the boss.”

Stating that ‘I’m the boss’ is rude and mean. Indicating that you are the superior one in this relationship is wrong.

“Your friends are better than you.”

Never compare your partner to his friends. It hurts.

“I don’t trust you.”

A relationship is built on trust, so never say that you don’t trust your partner.

“I don’t like your parents.”

His parents are surely the most important people in his. Never express your hard feelings for his parents.

“I’m not happy with you anymore.”

Don’t say that you aren’t happy with your boyfriend anymore.

“You don’t love me.”

Your relationship is there because of the love you both share. So, saying, ‘You don’t love me’ is just hurting.

“You don’t listen to me.”

Don’t make your boyfriend feel guilty about not listening to you, because he probably does.

“You are not so good at sex.”

Never say that your partner isn’t good at sex. Connect with your partner emotionally.

“You are fat.”

Encourage each other. Rather than making your boyfriend feel fat and ugly tell him how you love him because of his heart.

“You are not that important.”

You both are equally important in the relationship.

“You’ve changed.”

Saying ‘You’ve changed,’ hurts your partner. Try to cope up with the hardships and be supportive.

“My ex was better than you.”

Never compare your boyfriend to your ex. That is the worst thing you can do.

“You’re stupid.”

Don’t embarrass your boyfriend by saying that he’s stupid.

“Don’t demand this from me.”

You both are allowed to expect and demand stuff from each other.

“You are not good enough for me.”

Do not let your partner feel inferior. Tell him how perfect he is for you, rather than saying that ‘You are not good enough for me.’

“Don’t overreact!”

Stay calm with every situation. Don’t shout at your partner if he is concerned about you.

“Fuck off!”

Never worsen the situation by saying, ‘Fuck off!’.

“You should know what I want!”

Speak and communicate. Do not expect your boyfriend to read your mind.

“You are not my friend.”

Being your boyfriend, he deserves to be your friend and your partner.

“Don’t make a big deal out of it.”

Saying ‘Don’t make a big deal out of it’ would make your partner think that he is overthinking and exaggerating.

“Do this, Do that”

Don’t act all bossy by ordering your partner.

“It’s all about me.”

It is about you both. Never focus on yourself only.

“You have done this wrong.”

Never insult the other one by blaming him everything.

“You are needy.”

If he expects something for you, don’t make him feel like he is needy.

“Don’t talk to anyone else.”

Don’t bound your boyfriend.

“I’m over you.”

Saying ‘I’m over you,’ might worsen the fight.

“Leave your friends.”

Never force your boyfriend to leave his friends for you.

“I don’t need you.”

This is the most disrespectful sentence you can say to your partner.

“Get rid of your family.”

Never let him go off his friends and family.

“My family is prior.”

Do not focus on your family and yourself more than your boyfriend.

“You are what you are because of me.”

Never make your boyfriend feel dependent on you.