5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil and Coffee


With cannabis and cannabis products dominating public consciousness lately, it’s only fitting that it will get into every aspect of daily life. A reliable canada weed dispensary offers a wide range of cannabis products. CBD-infused bath bombs? Check. CBD gummy bear? Yep. Coffee and CBD? Why not. The last one is a rather novel way of consuming CBD. Unique, yes, but is it beneficial? You’ll be surprised that mixing CBD oil with your morning coffee does offer a few benefits.

Keep you awake and focused

We drink coffee to help us wake up in the morning. You could say it’s the energy boost many of us desperately need to even leave the bed. But with time, that effect starts to wear off. Yes, coffee will wake us up but not much else. Come work or school time, our mind is so addled with caffeine; we can barely focus on a task. A dose of CBD oil can help with that. As many of you know, CBD is great for stress and anxiety relief. Adding it into our morning coffee will give us the best of both worlds; energy and the ability to focus.

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Come in stress-free

Like I mentioned earlier, CBD offers a lot of benefits, one of which is stress-relief. Now, if you’re like me, getting to work in the morning is a feat in and of itself. Traffic is going to be a headache, and being confronted with a ton of work early in the day is headache-inducing. Ever since I started adding a drop of CBD oil in my coffee, however, I’ve been coming into work calm and collected. Yes, the stressors are still there, but my response to it is one of calmness and even positivity.

Relieve pains and aches

Part of my workout routine is drinking a cup of coffee right after, especially when I still have work to do later. But the muscle and joint pain you feel after a workout can be very distracting. Adding a drop of CBD oil can really do wonders to the soreness I feel after hitting the gym. Not only that, CBD and caffeine work well together to reduce the pain I feel. I tried drinking coffee with CBD oil before a workout, and it yielded fantastic results. My performance certainly improved. I can do more because of the coffee yet not held back by the pain.

Great sleeping aide

One disadvantage of drinking coffee is how it affects our sleeping pattern. For some of us who craves coffee and even drink it at night, it can be a problem. Adding CBD oil into your cup of joe can solve that. CBD is a known relaxant which promotes sleep. People who suffer from insomnia have been prescribed with CBD oil to get them their much-needed rest. Adding it into your coffee means you won’t have to worry about being wide awake late at night.

Boost immunity

Much like vitamins, CBD is excellent at boosting our immunity. It promotes the production of T-cells to ward off infection. Adding it in your coffee will mean you never have to remind yourself to take it, and its effects are maximized because of the caffeine.