5 Tips for Enjoying Weed and Coffee Together

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Wake and bake, is it really a real thing? Can you combine the stimulating effects of coffee with the sedative effects of weed? Of course, you can! Coffee and weed together can create a complementary effect that’s rooted in science.

On a deeper level, the chemical reaction of lighting a joint and sipping coffee in the morning produces beneficial effects that are perfect for starting your morning right.


The Science Behind

Caffeine doesn’t really give us energy. Instead, it prevents the receptor cells in our brain from accepting adenosine, the neurotransmitter that makes us drowsy. Cannabis contains THC, a compound chemically similar to anandamide, the chemical compound responsible for processing emotions as well as regulating our appetite, though, and memory.

When you smoke cannabis, THC binds to the anandamide receptor giving you the euphoric effect associated with the feeling of being high. It also amplifies creativity and imagination. Combining it with the alertness you get from coffee, and you get the feeling of prolonged euphoria, a heightened state of awareness and happiness, without the drowsy effect.

That said, here are some tips to make your weed and coffee the most perfect tandem ever created.


While a good cup can last as long as your joint, go for espresso to give you the kick right as you enter the state of being high. A single shot espresso and a couple of drags on a joint will do just the trick to stimulate you enough to take on the day. There is a chance of over-medication with coffee and cannabis, so don’t overdo it if you have important things to do throughout the rest of the day.

Go hybrid

Marijuana is a known depressant. This is why so many people use it to help them sleep at night. It is not recommended to light a joint to help you wake up in the morning, even when paired with a good cup of coffee. So going with a hybrid will help boost your mood and enhance your creativity.

Make it a routine

Just like brushing your teeth and eating breakfast, put it in your morning routine to drink coffee while smoking a joint. This boost in energy and increased mental state will help you plan your day early and make you more productive. This is particularly helpful for people who don’t follow a 9-to-5 schedule, with most of their days dealing with different tasks.

Enjoy the process

When you’ve incorporated smoking and drinking coffee into your morning routine, enjoy the process. Preparing your coffee can be a meditative process, clearing your mind for the day’s activities. Likewise, rolling a joint or packing a pipe can be a good way for you to prepare yourself for the day. Sipping your espresso while you smoke gives you that time to do something slow, deliberate, and purposeful without having to rush into anything.

Try different approaches

Smoking is not the only way for you to enjoy cannabis. Many online dispensaries like online weed dispensary Canada, offer a variety of cannabis products for you to choose from. Give some of those a try in conjunction with your morning coffee. You might be surprised by how well they blend together.