Do these for 20 minutes a day that will make your life better in 30 days

Sex with your spouse.

Ok, well not every day. You’d be a zombie. But seriously, if not regularly you’re missing out on one of the most glorious ways to make your life more enjoyable. And build your marriage at the same time. And the downside? Oh, yeah, exhaustion. Seems like a good trade to me.

Talk with your spouse.

Let’s see, you can watch TV while eating dinner or talk with your spouse. Next night, same old hash on TV. New night. Same game and story line. Or you can catch up with a real, living, breathing, interesting person you at one time couldn’t wait to talk with. Hmm, not even a choice for me.

Play with your kids.

Same feeling about watching TV instead. You can see where this is going for me with TV. There is nothing more fun than playing and laughing with your kids. Sharing stories. Answering their questions. Watching them grow and learn. Oh, and the bonds of love you’ll build simply can’t be replaced by anything on a screen.

Exercise. Take a walk.

Lift weights. Practice karate. Shoot hoops. Or you can come home from work, plop down in your easy chair, pop a tall cool one. And then become mystified why your brand new pants are shrinking. 20 minutes every day is enough. Do something fun. Heck, adding fun and something healthy seems like a no-brainer.

Prepare your breakfast and lunch.

Wait, what? You can catch a bagel and latte on the way to work. And a Big Mac and fries just around the corner for lunch. Except of course on pizza Fridays. Oh, and all those drugs you need to take for high blood pressure and cholesterol? Ahh, I’m sure they’re good for you. Actually, real food is.


I know. It’s tough to get to bed on time. The big game ran late. Your favorite show comes on late. Besides you really don’t need more than 6 hours of sleep anyway do you? You’ve always functioned best semi-comatose since college days. Studies show most people are sleep deprived. And performance increases exponentially with proper sleep.


When you get up in the morning you have two choices. Do you start your day positively or negatively? If the first thing you do is listen to or read the news you’re going to be depressed. It’s all bad, all the time. Instead, while you’re getting ready, give thanks for every blessing you have. But warn people. Your new attitude will shock them.