Roles Of The English Teacher In The Classroom

English Teacher

English as a world language is becoming more and more important in our culture, thereby affecting the English classroom and its participants. the entire process of teaching English has been changing during the last decades than have The Students. They already start learning their first foreign language at a school level and teachers need to be flexible to enable students to find out. Thereby teachers not only educate students on what English is about and the way it works, but also the usage of it and particularly communication skills.

   Every student contains a different ability when learning a second language. Some grasp it easily and develop sympathy to that, others struggle and have difficulties which may lead to being demotivated and lack of interest. This results in the question of what an English Tutor can and has got to do, so as to show students successfully. Nowadays teachers are supposed not only to teach but also to make a suitable environment for learners.

English Tutor

Therefore it’s necessary to perform many alternative roles within the classroom to completely achieve the simplest learning development. Roles which have its own characteristics, work differently and have various aims.

First, this results in the question “what a task actually is” and that I will provide a short definition of it. Afterward, the various roles are going to be introduced then described very well. What are the characteristics of a role? What does it mean to perform it? Why is it necessary to try and do so? These questions are answered soon. Finally, I’ll provide a conclusion and a quick overview of the Present roles. 

Roles of English Tutor

In the English classroom, a tutor fulfills many roles with different aims

Roles of English Tutor


The most common thought of a task could be the fully organized classroom during which everything is controlled by the teacher 

Also, teachers are expected to assess their students by correcting them and giving feedback to their development and performance

Another vital role is the one among the classroom manager. Good organization may be a key think about planning a syllabus, a lesson or simply a specific task and helps to discipline The Students 

classroom manager

Furthermore, the teacher acts as a resource by helping The Students if necessary. He/She provides additional information or just talks to them providing the resource of speech 

To increase the effectiveness of learning it’s sometimes necessary to act with The Students on a similar level as a participant. Not only will the teacher gain an insight into the way students develop, but also give them the possibility to interact with someone who features a much higher comprehension of the target language 

A role indirectly associated with the behavior of the teacher is that the investigator. The teacher analyzes the way of teaching, observes what’s happening within the classroom and investigates the ways students learn, with the aim to develop his/her methods of teaching


Teacher as Controller

As I said the role as a controller, standing ahead of the classroom, speech the students and giving instructions, could be the foremost common role of a tutor. points out that teachers, fulfilling this role, control not only what the students do, but also once they speak and what language they use.” Everything that happens within the class is controlled by the teacher and is in his/her responsibility. He/She educates the students by introducing the target language, giving tasks, using repetitive drilling techniques and leading them through the content. Furthermore, the teacher has complete control when it involves the pace of a lesson, which suggests that everybody within the class is taught on a similar level.

Teacher as Controller

The way of leading a classroom depends on the character of the teacher. everyone has his/her own kind of teaching. Some teachers are very open-minded and don’t hesitate to be the center of the lesson, whereas others like better to let the students interact by themselves.Very authoritative persons won’t have any problems with discipline but also a shy personality doesn’t automatically mean chaos at school. Teachers who are popular among the pupils have fewer problems to stay motivated and die knowledge. quotes that even an individual who isn’t a born teacher can improve tons by learning to smile, to be enthusiastic and patient, and to be constantly trying to find new ways of getting his message across to the pupils.”