Things you would relate to if you can’t function without coffee

function without coffee

Coffee, if you start craving for it, the minute I say this word then you are a one true coffee lover. There are two types of people- Tea lovers and coffee lovers. Do you feel that coffee is your fuel when you feel ‘meh’ and just don’t want to do anything?

Coffee is your one true love, it doesn’t disappoint, it understands. When you walk in a cafè, the smell of coffee beans takes you to heaven and you truly appreciate this gift. When you reach your office you need a cup of coffee to kick start your day with full energy and enthusiasm.

So, there are things you would relate to if you just can’t function without coffee. And, those things are listed below-

Your mornings just don’t start

cup of steaming coffee

You can’t think of starting your morning without a cup of steaming coffee. The stronger the better. This is your ritual, it is sacred and you just don’t want to edit it.

The smell of it attracts you

No wonder, your feet refuse to take a step further when you pass a cafè. You just end up ordering one for yourself and relish it. You truly appreciate a good brew.

It makes reading so much fun-


Coffee is just the icing on the cake if you love to read. There is no better companion than a good book and coffee.

You know the differentiation

You know what americano and lattè are. You know your coffee and people who don’t know and still criticize coffee for being foreign disappoint you. Half of your time is spent in explaining your tea-loving friends the impact, a good cup of coffee can leave.

You are very specific

You don’t trust people when it comes to making a good coffee. You are very specific regarding the time for which you want to beat it, the texture you want, the amount of sugar you want, how strong you want it to be. You don’t let laziness come into your way while preparing your own cup of heaven.

You even end your day with coffee

Let people say what they want to say about caffeine. You just don’t betray it. People drink coffee in the morning but for you, your day doesn’t end till you sip it at night too.

You collect big coffee mugs

You have ‘n’ number of coffee mugs. They are stacked in your kitchen in different shapes and colors. There is a coffee mug for every occasion. You can’t stop yourself from falling in love with that lovely mug in the shop.

Rain + Coffee = Day made

coffee sitting

People crave for fried food when it rains but you just have a simple demand. You are more than happy to sip your coffee sitting by the window and enjoying the sound of water droplets falling.

Coffee is your mood lifter

Whether you are sad or demotivated coffee has magical powers to turn you into a fully-functional machine. You can always trust.

You like it in both forms

Whether hot or cold, you just don’t mind. You like both equally. It just depends on what you are having along with it.

You snack according to it

snacks to eat with coffee

You just know what snacks to eat with coffee. You know sandwiches taste great with cold coffee and pastry is a great companion of hot coffee. This art comes naturally to you.

Converting tea lovers to coffee lovers

And, you plead not guilty. You just know your brew and people fall in love with what you make of your coffee. Many of your friends have started drinking coffee just because you perpetually bothered them to try it until they gave in and relished it.

You try it wherever you go

You judge a place by the quality of the coffee they serve. Be it another country, city, location your main agenda is to explore hidden places which are a pro in manufacturing a good brew.

Coffee art amazes you

Be it a heart or a flower on the top of your mug you admire it and never forget to click pictures.

Pictures of coffee

By clicking pictures we remember, your phone is stuffed with the pictures of coffee from different places.

You relate to the quote

….. but first coffee.

You don’t consider frappucino to be coffee

Coffee means coffee and frappuccino is not coffee. You have nothing against it. You even drink it but just not in the name of coffee, as most people do.

Decaf is also not coffee

It is even not good for your health people.

So, if you agreed on almost every point with us then congratulations, you are a proud coffee lover and know your brew.

So here you have it guys. Did we miss something? What do you like most Tea or Coffee? Let us know in the comment section below.