Some of the interesting facts about coffee

  • All the coffee in the world is grown in the region called “The Coffee Belt”. This is the reason which have all the required conditions for the coffee to grow.
  • The most expensive coffee in the world is collected from animal dung. One such coffee is called “Civet Coffee” which is produced when Asian Palm Civet eats coffee berries after a day or two the beans are then defecated in clumps, having kept their shape and still covered with some of the fleshy berry’s inner layers(Read More Here: Kopi Luwak).
  • Another expensive coffee is made n Thailand where instead of feeding coffee to civet, it is feed to elephants. It is made from beans eaten by Thai elephants and plucked a day later from their dung.
  • African tribes use to cook coffee beans with fat to make a kind of edible energy balls.
  • In 1965, Kind of England banned coffee houses claiming those are the places where people meet to conspire against him.