Some tips or tricks for making your coffee more awesome at home


I utilized this strategy for quite a long time, which is something I extemporized until a companion revealed to me it’s really called “Mariner’s technique”:

put a few spoons of ground espresso in a glass (not moment espresso, that is swindling)

bubble water

pour bubbling water in the mug with espresso in it, don’t blend.

some outside layer will start to shape (floaters)

trust that the outside layer will frame, at that point either include 1. sugar or 2. one ice cube or 3. a few spoons of water.

Trust that the outside will vanish, uncovering a frothy, exquisite rich surface that is fairly “primordial and crude”. you can tenderly blow some air into the covering if it’s taking excessively long.

It’s hard to like espresso made this way, especially since it’s fairly extraordinary. Including 4– 5 ice shapes 4– 5 seconds in the wake of pouring bubbling water really gives it a “greener surface”.

I recommend you attempt it once, you probably won’t care for it.

Try not to misunderstand me, I really love great espresso. I cherish my espresso same way I adore vodka, in short shots, with no additional sugar or milk. At home, be that as it may, I go about it rather in an unexpected way: I like to have it like it’s a type of long beverage.