Here’s What No One Tells You About Traditional Education And Modern Education

traditional education and modern education

The education system has come a long way since it started. It is a very broad term and in the old times, there weren’t any schools as institutions. The families used to pass on the knowledge to their kids verbally. These tales were being written and used serve the generations to come. There was also a time when education in India was restricted to boys and girls were to do household work. A few women went against social norms and gained knowledge. They were relentless in their approach and learned everything they wanted to. This scenario was changed after the Britishers introduced a system where girls and boys could study together. 

Traditional Vs Modern Education System

Traditional and modern educations are different and also related to each other. In ancient times in India, there were no schools. The children were acquired the education or knowledge from their ancestors. At that time the knowledge was focused only on the skills required for survival. The individuals who lived in forests got the education from their precursors who showed them how to chase creatures for their nourishment, how to utilize creature skins for various purposes, how to make instruments. They were educated about their ceremonies or the traditions they followed. They were educated about the religions the followed.

One of the major differences between traditional and modern education is that in the former it wasn’t the study of science rather oral recitation of traditions and culture for survival.  There was no set routine and the students would sit down and listen to the teacher without any written test to give. It was far from science and technology. That is why it’s called the traditional system. In modern times, the value of traditions and customs has not reduced but it is not benefitting for the money. It’s not about listening anymore but involves writing, analytical and decision-making skills.

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Education- The present scenario

Today, the present state of the education system has changed a lot over the past few years. The subjects are the same but the delivery methods have improved. These days teachers have to design creative techniques to accurately communicate and understand that every child has different skills. Teaching has become a lot more creative than it was a while back. This has been made possible due to the advancement of technology. With everything available on the internet, it’s is much easier for students to clear their concepts. 

A change in the behaviour

Besides imparting knowledge to the students, there has been a shift in how students behave and perceive knowledge. They express their thoughts more often and clearly. The classes are more of a two-way street and that’s how every session should be. 

Both the education systems have their importance in their respective times. The traditional system was the best at that time and modern education is preparing students to take over the world. There are many top schools in India including that are the epitome of modern education. One of the top schools in Faridabad is Dynasty International providing state-of-the-art architecture along with the excellent staff. The teachers do their best to prepare future budding managers. After all, everything starts at school and these initial years are very everything.