Won’t Turn On Error : How to Fix ?

Turn On Error

In this age of technology, Garmin GPS is one of the most valuable technologies, particularly candidates who usually drive. However, unless it is turned on, this device will not be profitable. It is therefore very important to check your device’s Power button and ensure that it is ON to direct you to its display map. You reach your destination as soon as you follow the map and therefore save your precious time. But if you experience Garmin Won’t turned on error even after confirming that the power is on and it is properly plugged into the port, the situation could be more problematic for you. At this point you have to look at the following for troubleshooting steps instead of pulling your hair and geting so much irritated.

Active Correction Techniques for Garmin Won’t Turn On Error

When you face the condition that your Gps won’t turn on, you have a look at the options you have offered. Follow the guidelines on troubleshooting and trigger your Garmin ASAP.

Method 1: Check Power

First the power link must be tested as this is the best way to defend this error. Next, plug the device in the original Garmin charging cord to insure there is no obstruction between the system and the power supply of the car.

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A faulty USB cable is highly recommended. Then, transfer the vehicle’s control to a new cable and turn on. Now test the cable end to make sure the light blinks. In the event the power cable doesn’t turn on, find another car. Remember, you’ll usually have to drive for at least 10 minutes with the Garmin GPS attached to electricity.

Such data will only be used to mitigate the error. But sadly if not yet, don’t panic because more than one option has been given here. Spring to the next one, then!

Method 2: Hard Reset

The Gps must first be removed from the power source. So switch to the dashboard and pick the button “Reset.” When this option is available, press the Reset button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Switch on the unit then click on the bottom right button. Wait a minute for a message saying, “Erase all information?”Then press the Yes button to complete the hard reset cycle and obey the on-screen instructions. If you still have the same problem, go to the next solution below. Then check your error status.

Method 3: Cable Management

Cable control will turn the Garmin GPS on. The charge cable that is placed on the Garmin first needs to be identified. Also you can tag the correct cable with painted wire or some other ways, so it can be distinguished by others. You are ready to power the Garmin Nuvi with a real cable in your car, one in the room and one in your baggage.

Method 4: To access a one-stop solution Contanct specialists

We assume you can quickly cope with Garmin’s mistake after implementing the above remedies. And once the device is successfully activated, you have to update Garmin Map to avoid distraction. In fact, well-qualified technicians will correct this mistake one-stop. In order to get help, you must connect with them.