What are the good and bad health effects of coffee?

Coffee is the powdered form of cocoa beans. Coffee in itself has caffeine and alkaloids. The reason you feel alert and more focused after drinking coffee is because of caffeine. Caffeine belongs to the class of drugs that are stimulants.

Apart from getting your “date” started coffee has many good effects!

Good effects of coffee:
Alertness – Exam time and coffee is the most important thing for students. The stimulant action of coffee helps the brain stay alert for longer than usual hours.
Losing body weight – Yes both ways whether you take green coffee or black or brown coffee all of them help lose weight. It is because the caffeine stimulates the metabolism rate. Unless you add a lot of sugar then coffee will lead to weight loss. It is important to note that this kind of weight loss isn’t healthy.
Feeling fresh – Some people get addicted to coffee. The reason is additive increment of the dosage. When your brain keeps getting an amount of caffeine everyday, it gets used to it. Later on when you take a higher dose, you suddenly feel fresh. It is nothing but giving a small dose of drug. When you don’t take coffee, then you experience headaches and that is sort of withdrawal precap.
Energised – As the basal metabolism increases, more energy is produced. You eventually have an illusion of feeling energised because of coffee.
Anti depressant – The stimulant action of coffee acts like an anti depressant.

Bad effects of coffee:
Diuretic – It induces urination and so isn’t good if you are already low on hydration. Especially for pregnant women, the diuretic action is really harmful.
Stimulation addiction – Over the time you need higher doses of coffee. During pregnancy the excessive dose can even affect the fetus.
Birth defects & Menstrual cramps – Coffee isn’t safe during pregnancy and menses. It increases the pain and risk associated with child birth.
Alters pH of body – The alkalinity of coffee isn’t good to have in empty stomach.
Lacks on nutrients – Coffee on the whole isn’t a balanced diet. And so if you make it a habit to have coffee as breakfast, it will have only harmful effects.

Drink wisely …