What happened when you drank more than ten cups of coffee?

Here’s a description of what 26 espresso shots can do to you.

So, I work at a coffee shop and at some point on a sunday evening it got slow; so my friend (Brian) and I decided it would be a good idea if I try all the espresso based drinks on the menu. So, we start with a machiato, moving on to an americano, and ending with a cop-ana and so on. Next, Brian poured a single, double, and triple espresso shots then I blindly had to drink them and identify them. And finally, Brin had this brilliant idea of making an entire mug full of espresso shots; that was it I couldn’t drink anymore after that cup of death. so in total I had 26 espresso shots; in the span of about 45mins.

I sat down after the last cup, I couldn’t serve customers, my heart beat was racing, my head was spinning, my stomach was upside down I felt like vomiting but never did. Anyway, I drink water, I think I’ll be okay in a bit since I am after all, an avid coffee drinker.

But oh boy was I wrong, that horrible feeling did not go away, I tried to eat something but that only intensfied the vomiting feeling. So i was just sitting there behind the counter and I was attracting the attention of the customers since only Brian was really working. So I decide hey I should go to a hospital.

I walk to the nearest emergency, the nurse could not believe what I did and honestly thought I was on cocaine and trying to hide it. Anyway, I left the hospital cause the line was too long and I felt bad for leaving Brian by himself in the store and by that time I felt better.

However, that night the feeling came back, evem worse, I could not stop shaking and my eyes were wide open, rarely blinking.

Worst Experience Of My Life.


Moral : Coffee is good, but too much of anything is not good !