What is love? 3 surprising truths about love


It took me a relatively long time to overcome my emotional dependence. But on the way out of dependence, I learned a lot about dating and attraction.

After all, there are several things that will help you overcome your emotional dependence.

An important point is certainly your self-esteem. The more value you give yourself, the sooner you will set limits and respect your own emotional needs.

I will not go into self-esteem here because it would go beyond the length of this article. But you can find a good article about self-esteem and self-love here.

Aside from your self-worth, there are three other issues that play a big role in overcoming your emotional dependency. These are:

Limits and emotional needs


A new dating rule

And as you can surely think of Fox, I will go into all three points below.

1. Limits and emotional needs

One of the most important steps from dependency is to begin to set boundaries, to perceive your own emotional needs and to respect them.

How to break out of emotional dependence

The more you respect yourself, the more others respect you

Be aware that other people will like you no less simply because you say no and give priority to your own needs – quite the contrary.

People who have no limits and do everything for others are often perceived as weak and unattractive. You are the most important person in your life and the better you are, the better your relationships will be.

Whether meeting new people or in a relationship, start setting boundaries, saying no and respecting your needs.

This may be a difficult step because you have never really done it, because it feels selfish or because you think others will hate you for it. But in most cases, the opposite is the case.

Especially if you want to become emotionally independent of the partner, setting limits is a very important step.

2. Satisfaction

Often emotionally dependent people are dissatisfied with their lives. They feel that they lack something important in life and all too often they believe that it is a partner.

They are convinced that a partner would make them 487% happier and they believe that if they finally find a partner at free chat room their lives would be perfect and they would not have any problems anymore.

The thing is, the happier you are with your life, the more attractive you will generally be and the sooner you attract new people.

Most importantly, you will stop investing significantly more time, energy, and emotions in people than you do in yourself.

I am at a point in my life where I am very satisfied. Sure, everything is not perfect and I still have many goals, but I’m generally satisfied. I have a job that I like, travel a lot, do sports regularly and live well, have lots of good friends and above all, I have learned to accept myself as I am. (Sorry, by the way, I’ll tell you how damn cool my life is.)

When I meet an attractive woman, it does not turn my life upside down. My life does not make them infinitely better. And that’s the point.

To release from emotional dependence

Not making your luck dependent on others is hugely important

The less your satisfaction and happiness depends on finding a suitable partner, the better chance you have of finding a partner.

Do not get me wrong here. A healthy and loving relationship is probably the most beautiful and the best that can happen to us. But if you think you need to have that relationship before you can enjoy life and be happy, it will be difficult for you to have such a relationship.

Also, the happier you are in general, the better your relationship will be. You will not expect your partner to make you happy, and you will automatically be less dependent on him. Instead, you can meet him at eye level.


3. A new dating rule

If I’ve learned about dating all these years, then it’s not worth investing time and energy in people who do not say yes to you.

You have been flirting with an attractive colleague for some time now and are trying to get him to a meeting, but somehow he always talks to strangers out?

For some weeks you have been writing with an attractive woman, but every time you propose a meeting, does she avoid or not answer?

You were in bed with someone and since then he’s not responding or hesitating?

You have been dating somebody for some time and you wish to have a relationship with him, but whenever you approach him emotionally or approach the subject of relationship, does he back down?

All these are examples of people who do not say yes to you. And in my experience, it’s not worth investing your time and energy in these people.

For one thing, it’s not worth it, because when we try to conquer these people, we often engage in games and manipulation and lose all self-esteem. On the other hand, it is not worth it, because in the vast majority of cases these people do not opt ​​for us.

One of the best dating tips I can give you is to invest your time only in online chat rooms like talk to strangers, free chat rooms, online free chat apps etc. And those people who say yes to you.


Dating is not about convincing other people with tricks, lies, and games, but about attracting people who want to be as much with you as you are with them.