What is your ideal coffee?

I do love my fancy, dolled-up coffees every now and then like the PSL and other seasonal variants but on the other hand they don’t really feel like coffee…

I also really like White Mocha (hot or cold), and my general go-to is a Vanilla Latte. (I do like all those syrups!)
But… A good cappuccino would take the lead. It’s not everyday that you come across one that is well-made and sometimes it is at the most unexpected places that you find it (read as: not at a hipster cafe or a big chain but a small, local, genuine cafe) and it absolutely makes your day. ❤️☕️

What is your coffee story ?


It’s all about the foam, but just having some sort of foam, or the spoon floating isn’t always enough. There is a certain consistency that makes it great and that you can’t find everywhere